As some of my followers already know, I run a page on Facebook for my needle felted critters. Unfortunately my page gained a massive influx of over 2000 fake likers leading to post issues, and real likers not seeing my posts. Because of this I’ve opened a new page, and lost almost 700 likers :(
I currently have a giveaway running, so please head over and leave me a like and enter, I’ll be really grateful!


Thank you xx

50% off sale!

Use code SORRY at www.etsy.com/shop/cassiesfelties for 50% off. Can be used on anything!

Hey everyone,
As I’m not sure if my new website works, I have put up two 50% off codes. Once they’ve been used, thats it. So if anyone fancies being my first customer and get 50% off their order, then the website is www.cassiesfelties.co.uk!
Thanks all, please let me know if you have any issues x


Ratman has landed in my Etsy store, use the code RATMAN for 10% off him - today only! :)

I am 5 likes away from 900 on Facebook, can any of you lovely Tumblr folk help me out? I’ll run a giveaway soon if we can reach the goal :)

Thanks everyone xx


Tumblr only offer!

Reblog this for a unique 15% off discount code. Special Tumblr offer!
After you reblog I will send you a unique Etsy discount code, it will take 15% off your entire order and expire after use! :-)


~ Because everyone has a heart rat ♥   

I can make these rats to order and can make them to look just like your own heart rat ♥♥♥